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360 | R I F T

A combination of Strength and Conditioning training, RIFT is the most FUN you’ll have in a dark room with your clothes on. Using the combination of lighting, music and high intensity interval training, we will take you through a workout experience like no other.
You choose how to start your workout when you book, RIDE or LIFT?
On the bike you will be riding in intervals. This is the conditioning part of the workout and will run like a POWER ride. Using scoreboard action to push you that little harder than you thought you could, we will take you through double time sprints and climbs using the music to set the pace, you will set the load.
When you LIFT you will be using the principals of progressive overload training to get the most out of your workout. Week by week we build on exercises so you can see and feel yourself getting stronger. Every 4 weeks we reset the program with new exercises and new challenges. 
The BEST part, we LIFT & RIDE TOGETHER! When the riders are working and lifters are working and when the riders are resting the lifters are resting. This creates an energy in the room that pushes you to the next level.
RIFT will make you fitter, faster and stronger.
Bookings available soon via the 360 app